Winter Treasure Hunts

winter treasure huntsWhy Treasure Hunts still work in winter

OK, the weather can be an issue. But at least it won’t be too much of a surprise. And we always bring an indoor alternative with us, in case of hurricanes, blizzards, monsoons.
We ran a Mission Impossible treasure hunt a few years ago for 200 McDonald’s employees. For reasons a bit complicated to explain, they all dressed up as the celebrity they thought they most closely resembled. Snow on the ground, icy chill in the air and it still worked a treat. Why? Because:

  • Camaraderie warms you up.
  • Being outside is nearly always good for the soul.
  • Not all of it happens outside.
  • Bad weather is only bad when there is nothing to distract you from it.
  • When else can you see seven Elvises, ten Santas and two brave Britney Spears throwing snowballs at each other?
  • The McDonald’s people were intrepid, lively, competitive and happy to do something a bit different.
  • Compared to raft building in Cape Wrath in winter or camping on Exmoor in winter, a winter treasure hunt in London can be a walk in the park. And often is a walk in the park.
  • Most of our treasure hunts are spring/summer/autumn events. But in winter, they have a special flavour. The team bonding they provide can be even stronger.
  • All our treasure hunts are themed. In our Ghost Walk treasure hunt, we treat you as if you are all fellow ghost busters. 6.30 p.m. on a crisp winter’s evening is the perfect time for spotting spooks!


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