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Winter Treasure Hunts

winter treasure huntsWhy Treasure Hunts still work in winter

OK, the weather can be an issue. But at least it won’t be too much of a surprise. And we always bring an indoor alternative with us, in case of hurricanes, blizzards, monsoons.
We ran a Mission Impossible treasure hunt a few years ago for 200 McDonald’s employees. For reasons a bit complicated to explain, they all dressed up as the celebrity they thought they most closely resembled. Snow on the ground, icy chill in the air and it still worked a treat. Why? Because:

  • Camaraderie warms you up.
  • Being outside is nearly always good for the soul.
  • Not all of it happens outside.
  • Bad weather is only bad when there is nothing to distract you from it.
  • When else can you see seven Elvises, ten Santas and two brave Britney Spears throwing snowballs at each other?
  • The McDonald’s people were intrepid, lively, competitive and happy to do something a bit different.
  • Compared to raft building in Cape Wrath in winter or camping on Exmoor in winter, a winter treasure hunt in London can be a walk in the park. And often is a walk in the park.
  • Most of our treasure hunts are spring/summer/autumn events. But in winter, they have a special flavour. The team bonding they provide can be even stronger.
  • All our treasure hunts are themed. In our Ghost Walk treasure hunt, we treat you as if you are all fellow ghost busters. 6.30 p.m. on a crisp winter’s evening is the perfect time for spotting spooks!

How To Book A Treasure Hunt

Ten key things to consider when booking a Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt

The key questions:

  1. Who else has the company you are booking run treasure hunts for?
  2. What examples from previous hunts can it show you?
  3. What is different, special or unique about its hunts?
  4. Will it create something especially for you or will its hunt be off-the-shelf?
  5. Who will run it?
  6. What will they be doing during it?
  7. How is the route worked out?
  8. Will everyone be following the same route at the same time?
  9. What other ingredients will the treasure hunt include?
  10. What happens if it rains?

Find The Treasure’s answers:

  1. High-street banks, charities, government departments, local councils, car manufacturers, soft drink makers, pharmaceutical companies, accountancy firms, law firms, management consultants, private groups, children – and many, many others.
  2. We are always happy to send you extracts from our previous hunts, to help you understand how they work.
  3. Our treasure hunts are “themed” and include undercover actors, waiting for you to identify them and interact with them. Popular themes include Secret Agents, Vampires, The Famous Five, Footballers and WAGs, East End villains and Medieval nobles and peasants. If you have a theme you want us to use, we’ll do our best to incorporate it.
  4. Our treasure hunts are always written especially for you, so they are always very up to date. We research them carefully and make sure even those with local knowledge cannot “cheat”!
  5. A very experienced facilitator assisted by our very experienced, professional actors.
  6. We don’t just hand out a few sheets of paper and leave you to it. The facilitator introduces the hunt, manages the “emergency” phone during it, marks the teams at the end and does the debrief. The actors lie low, waiting for teams to find them, then return to run our lively finale.
  7. Because we only hand out a few clues at a time, no-one ever feels overwhelmed by the journey. We plan it so that teams get to go to wherever is colourful, unusual and spectacular in the local area.
  8. Our routes are always circular. Teams start at different points on the circle, so they aren’t all just following each other round.
  9. There is always a “scavenger” element – collecting or creating various items en route. Teams may also be given a stills or video camera, to capture what they get up to. And when they meet up with our undercover actors, there are always fresh challenges for them to take on – usually over a drink in a pub!
  10. We bring an “indoor alternative” with us, just in case.

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