Favourite Treasure Hunt Themes

Themed treasure huntsOur Themed Treasure Hunts*

We theme our treasure hunts and treat people on them as if they are part of the theme.  What we get you to do is linked to it. As vampire hunters, you need to protect yourelves from the Undead. As spies, you use coded exchanges to work out who you can trust. Among the many themed treasure hunts we have run , favourite treasure hunt themes include:

Mission Improbable treasure hunt Our “training programme” for wannabe spies.
Manhunt treasure Hunt Someone in the group has been up to no good. Help us identify who it is.
East End Villains treasure hunt Join Honest Mickey, Knuckles and Angie on a journey of a lifetime. No shooters!
The Famous Five Go Wild In London/Windsor/the New Forest/Oxford, etc. Become Enid Blyton’s team of youthful adventurers – including Timmy the Dog!
Footballers and Footballers’ Wives treasure hunt Also known as “Planks, Wags and Chavs”…
Ghost Walk treasure hunt Look out – spooks about!
St. Trinians’ Nature Trail treasure hunt You’ll be wayward schoolchildren, we’ll be your teachers…
Search for Ye Holy Grail A medieval treasure hunt where you’ll end up being a lord, lady, monk, nun – or peasant!
Survivalists treasure hunt Ray Mears without the worms, I’m A Celebrity without the maggots – unless you want them, that is…
Vive La France! Alias Viva L’Espana, Benvenuto in Italia, Willkomen in Deutschland, etc. An overseas treasure hunt that contains a hilarious crash course in how to pass for one of the locals…
How To Be Awfully, Awfully English Great for foreign visitors and for Brits keen to brush up on vital etiquette skills – how to eat custard, what to say to the Queen, etc.
Hunt The Vampire How do you like your stake? Help Van Hesling track down the vampire within your midst…
Beside the Seaside Spice up a trip to the seaside with a bit of adventure. You choose where you want to be, we do the rest.
Hunt for the Beast A strange beast has been spotted in the area. Help us find it!
Mission Impossible at London Zoo Our training programme for spies – at London Zoo!

*Or come up with one of your own – we are open to suggestions!