How Our Treasure Hunts Work

Treasure Hunt BookingWhat Happens During Our Treasure Hunts

We’ve been putting together and running treasure hunts for many years. In that time, we’ve learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t. By understanding how our treasure hunts work, you should get a better idea of what helps makes them such a success.

Going from place to place and solving clue after clue is fun, but repetitive. How treasure hunts work best is when they have extra ingredients which make them much more than this. For instance, our treasure hunts all have a “scavenger hunt” element, where teams have to find or buy various items while they are doing the hunt and bring them back at the end. Each treasure hunt is written just for you. The journeys are broken up as teams stop off at various places along the way (parks, pubs, cafes, etc.). Undercover actors lie in wait, ready for teams to approach them.

Also, our treasure hunts are “themed”. In them, everyone taking part is given a new identity for the day. Depending which theme you choose, you and your colleagues may be secret agents, footballers and footballers’ wives, Enid Blyton schoolchildren, St. Trinians’ schoolchildren, ghost hunters, vampire hunters, East End villains, Medieval courtiers and peasants or pretty much any group of people you like. You select which theme you prefer. If the treasure hunt is linked to another activity – e.g. a murder mystery or school sport’s day – the same characters and theme will apply to both.

We provide the clues, maps, equipment, actors and prizes for the winners. Often, each team also has a camera. Their treasure hunt photos provide a lasting record of the day for everyone – something that works well both for corporate and private groups.