Bespoke Treasure Hunts

Bespoke treasure huntsBespoke Treasure Hunts For Corporate and Private Groups

All our treasure hunts are bespoke. We create them specially for you wherever you want them to be. The clues are newly researched. The route is checked carefully. The exact format is something we discuss with you. We want you to have the treasure hunt you want, not just something we want you to have.

Adaptable treasure hunt formats
Adaptable treasure hunt formats

The structure of each treasure hunt usually follows a set pattern. It is very tried and tested. We know it will work well for you. However, if you want us to change it in some way, we will be happy to talk this over with you.

Various sections of our treasure hunts are always highly adaptable. What happens at the start, how the finale works, what we get teams to do along the way. With our Themed Treasure Hunts, you can suggest a theme you think your group will particularly enjoy. With our Team Building Treasure Hunts, you can receive valuable insights into how different teams get on.

Wherever you want to be, whatever you want to achieve, ask us. We may well have exactly what you are looking for.